Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do we set or program the time of SmartVials?

A. Our old models are all pre-set at the factory or in the pharmacies. The new model is user programmable by CLOSE, (you will hear a soft chirp) and immediately OPEN the cap, then repeat (close/open) for 4 times to change/advance the setting. The standard setting is from 1 hour to 24 hours time (in 8 settings).

1 beep -> 24 hours or once a day

2 beeps -> 12 hours or twice a day

3 beeps -> 8 hours or 3 times a day

4 beeps -> 6 hours or 4 times a day

5 beeps -> 1 hour or 24 times a day

6 beeps -> 4 hours or 6 times a day

7 beeps -> 2 hours or 12 times a day

8 beeps -> 3 hours or 8 times a day

For example, changing from 1 X daily to 2X daily, simply CLOSE and OPEN the cap 4 times, the setting will cycle from 1 X to 2X. if setting is 8 X, after 4 times of close/open the cap, setting goes back to 1 X. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2… cycles in a loop)

Q. New model will also keep tracking and trace the history of the adherence of taking medicine?

A. Yes, every time when the SmartVials counting down and beep you to take the pill, it will automatically count up the taking. By CLOSE and OPEN the cap 6 times will report the usage of the record of taking the pills. You will hear a audible short beep, then long beep (if any), give the first digit count, then another short beep, then long beeps (if any) as the second digit, then another short beep, then long beeps (if any) as the third digit, then a last short beep. Memory of count will be erased if no action is taken, you will hear the continue beep, fast beep and fastest beep then the memory is cleared to default mode. (9 beeps as a demo/test mode of 1 minute of time set)

Q. How long the battery will last?

A. At least 90 days (up to 1 year) as normal prescription won’t give you more than 90 days from the doctors or pharmacists.

Q. Can we replace the battery?

A. Yes, SmartVials use the popular CR2032 coin battery, simply disassemble the SmartVials by pull (using a small screw driver to pry it) the “core” out of the housing shell, be careful not to loose the metal contact piece, take old battery off and insert new battery same polarity as the old, then push back the “core” and you will be ready to use it again.

Q. How do I use the SmartVials to remind me of taking the medicines?

A. SmartVials are very simple to use, to set the timer for your next pill(s)  all you have to do is “close the cap” and the counting down of your next pill will start. When time for pills, SmartVials will sound loud audible alert beeps and flashing RED LED light on the cap for reminding you.

Q. If I didn’t hear or see the alert, what will I do?

A. The RED LED will flash forever until you open the cap, the audible alert will keep beeping for additional 8 times as snooze function of alarm clock.

Q. How SmartVials could help me prevent OD (Over Dosage) of my medication?

A. Good question, if you didn’t see SmartVials flashing RED LED light means this is not the time for taking your medicine, so don’t take it, if you take it without the LED flashing, you could be OD

Q. How do we tell which SmartVials is which? In other world, how do we tell which one is three times a day, twice a day or once a day reminder?

A. All SmartVials will be labeled of 3X (three times daily) , 2X (twice a day) and 1X(once a day) and caps printed too. In addition of label or printing, SmartVials will hear beep 3 times for three times a day (beep twice for 2 X and beep once for 1 X) when you close the cap for your next dose.

Q. How much the SmartVials selling for?

A. MSRP is $4 to $5, wholesales has deep discount for retailers.

Q. When the SmartVials will come with the Bluetooth wireless model?

A. SmartVials is working on it now, it should come out soon.