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Smartvials automatic pill reminder bottle User-friendly electronic pill reminder devices that convert regular conventional pill bottles to automatic reminder pill bottles. The reminder device is compatible and can be retrofitted inside a regular conventional pill bottle cap. This reminder device is installed inside the conventional pill bottle between the bottle cap and the bottle container. When the user closes the pill bottle cap on the bottle container, the electronic timer, with factory predetermined time interval, is automatically activated. That activated timer will generate alert signals not only remind user last pill has taken but also to remind the user to take his/hers next dose at time-out. The reminder device and alert signals are automatically deactivated and reset when the user opens the pill bottle cap (to take contents from the bottle container). This present reminder device works with both conventional safety (child-resistant) and non-safety pill bottle caps.

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release SmartVials, the Only Pill Reminder for Vitamin Industries… Torrance, CA Sept 13, 2016 – UltraTek, a technology research and product development company, is pleased to announce that their new patented SmartVials-Pill Reminder (SPR) is now available for the Nutraceutical/Vitamin industries, in additional to the prescription industries, to help forgetful customers to remember to take their vitamins. “Finally, we got the SmartVial-Pill Reminders for Vitamins…There just isn’t any thing for reminding the forgetful customers of taking their vitamin pills” said Sandy Chao, VP of Marketing & Sales for SmartVials, “The industries loss Billions for vitamin pills bought but not taken regularly, because of the forgetfulness…You can not sell the new vitamins to those forgetful customers who haven’t finish their last bottles… Our patented SmartVials-Pill Reminder got what it takes; it is the steroid for vitamin manufacturers to sell more vitamin pills.” SmartVials-Pill Reminder has many advantages for helping vitamin professionals to sell more of their products. SmartVials-Pill Reminders have timers that built inside the caps of conventional pill bottles/vials. The only thing the customers have to do is “close the cap” to activate the timer. Timer intervals, such as once, twice, three or up to 24 times a day for vitamins, are pre-programmed at the factory or by the friendly vitamin retailers; therefore, user programming is NOT necessary. An audible alert/beeping will sound when it is time for their next pill. In additional to the sound, a red LED light will shine to indicates now it is time to take pill. In case of miss the alert, SmartVials offers additional alerts for 90 minutes as a snooze function. SmartVials-Pill Reminder is easy to use, very affordable (less than $1 each in quantities) and extremely reliable; thanks to the simplicity of the design. Currently, SmartVials-Pill Reminder is available for the most common prescription vials and the vitamin bottles with 38mm, 45mm and 53mm caps. More vials will be supported later by SmartVials. UltraTek, the company makes the SmartVials, is looking for partners in marketing the SmartVials-Pill Reminders to the vitamin professionals. For samples, ordering and more information, please contact Joseph Lai at (310) 408-9711 or e-mail # # #

  • Testimony from Chris, Pharm.D.

    Hi... I am a pharmacist at Kaiser for over 30 years, I use SmartVials for reminding my diabetics medications as twice a day, I recommend SmartVials to all the patients...

  • Testimony from Sandra, a working mom

    SmartVials is the best and easiest to use pill reminder, I used to use the Monday, Tuesday pill box and sure is wasting of my time of taking care of my son.

  • Testimony from Dr. Vince

    Hi... I am a doctor at emergency room, I highly recommend patients to use SmartVials to prevent Over Dosage (OD) which is a terrible problem...

  • Testimony from nurse Paggy

    I am a nurse working for a hospital in the Bay Area, it is very difficult to keep tracking our patients of adherent to their doctors prescriptions without the SmartVials...

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